Film Opening Synopsis (Paranormal Horror)

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Film Opening Synopsis (Paranormal Horror) by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis (Paranormal Horror)

1. Horror Genre

1.1. Sub-Genre: Paranormal

2. Editing

2.1. Slow and quiet at the beginning to build up tension.

2.2. Transition to fast paced music to show terror.

3. Location

3.1. Woods.

3.2. Dark Street.

3.3. Church.

3.4. Haunted House.

3.5. Alleyway.

3.6. Park.

4. Diegesis

4.1. Footsteps.

4.2. Quiet and slow background music.

4.3. Trees and bushes.

4.4. Wind to create tension in a quiet area.

5. Costume

5.1. Victim: Casual Clothing

5.1.1. Typical Teenage Clothing

5.2. Antagonist: Dark Clothes

5.2.1. White Mask

5.2.2. Black Suit

6. Props

6.1. Phone.

6.2. Torch.

6.3. Knives.

6.4. Fake Blood.

7. Time

7.1. Night time so the location is dark, and because there will be less people.

7.2. Evening, because darkness is a generic convention of a horror film.