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A non-concise, non-binding family tree of people who dig Zimbabwean music by Mind Map: A non-concise, non-binding family tree
of people who dig Zimbabwean music
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A non-concise, non-binding family tree of people who dig Zimbabwean music

Current Editing Conventions: Band names are in RED and in large size. If more than one person creates a band, choose one and use a BLACK arrow to link the other names to the band with the "connect" feature. Connect a persons name to their own name in other bands to see their own band progression. Use the GREEN arrow.

Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble

Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble formed in 1978.  

Claire Jones

This person could write their story

Claire Teaching, Student, student, student

Claire's Next Band, member, member, member

Michael Bradley

Musasa, member, member, member

Rufaro School of Marimba, Student, Student, Rufaro Youth Ensemble, member, member, member, member, member

Michael Workshops, Homer,Alaska, Mud Bay Marimba, Michelle, member, Paul??, juJuba, Paul, Jenny, Stew, Jane, member, Suzanne, Tamba, Kirk, Zvakanaka, Kirk, Lisa, member, member, Lisa, Janet, Sarah, Wynn, Dorle, Peg, Mo, Shamwari, Sue, Jim, Jenny, Michael, Kyra, Scott, Julia, Peg, Doug, Pagosah Marimba Ensemble, Doug, Sally, Suzanne, Laura, Laurel










Bonnie Carol

Zebra Marimba 2000-2008, Bonnie Carol, Max Krimmel, Melinda Evans, Andre Malinger, Dexter Payne, Tom DeFore, Loren Mach, Lynn Smith, Emil Renaldi, Dan Ely, River (Barbara) Meyer, Grant Peck, Carla Starck

The Giraffe's Marimba 2002-2007, Bonnie Carol, Max Krimmel, Linda Bensey, Emil Renaldi, Barry Bennet, Ellen Hering, Elizabeth Upper, Julie Ikler, Woody, Marie Sanazaro, Nancy Middlemiss

Wild Okapi Marimba Band 2004 -, Bonnie Carol, Max Krimmel, Emil Renaldi, Laura Fisher, Amy LaRue, Audrey Godell, Irene Pritsak, John Putnam, Carlye Calvin, Pam Ward

Mary Ellen Cuthbertson Garrett

Tara Skye Goldin

Max Krimmel

Karen Marx

Dumisani Maraire

One could write what they like about Dumi here.   My suggestions: When he got to US.  What and where he studied before coming etc.  

Students - University of Washington

Dumisani Maraire taught marimba and mbira to a number of students at the University of Washington from 1968 -1972. Dumi and some of the students would occasionally perform as an ensemble in the Seattle area. The students who regularly performed are listed.

Dumisani Maraire - Zimbabwe

Joe Faris - Black Arts West

Erica Azim

Ernest Brown

Sheree Seretse

Moe Herman

Margie Balter

Elaine Hickman

Dumi and the Minanzi Marimba Ensemble

Dumi and the Minanzi Marimba Ensemble formed in 1975, the first marimba band in the USA. The band consisted of the founder and leader, Dumisani Maraire, from Zimbabwe, and former students of the University of Washington and The Evergreen State College, plus two members from Black Arts West. The band became a popular fixture of the Seattle nightclub scene and throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 1977 they went on a 6-week tour of the US, performing in numerous cities around the country, including a performance at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. The band released a 1977 album "Rufaro" and a 1977 45 rpm with the songs Chiro Chacho and Mweya. Dumi and the Minanzi Marimba Ensemble disbanded in 1978. This was a groundbreaking band that started the widespread and growing interest in Zimbabwe marimba music.

Margie Balter - UW

Lora Chiorah - Zimbabwe

Joe Faris - BAW

Robin Green - BAW

Moe Herman - UW

Scott Holland - TESC

Mary Jacobsen - TESC

Dumisani Maraire - Zimbabwe

Richard Wentworth - TESC

Glenn Wilson - TESC

Dumi and Minanzi III

Maybe inception dates, etc?

Dan Pauli, Jaka, Dan Pauli, Joel Laviolette, Common Thread/Rattletree/Mukwa, Joel Laviolette, Rattletree Marimba, Joel Laviolette, Wayne Salzmann, Greg Radcliff, Jason Comstock, Karen Green, Missy Hance, Jason Murdy, Sean Zigler, Darren Dyke, Blake Brunson, Marshall Johnson, Daniel Mee, Chris Studebaker, Rattletree Electric, Joel Laviolette, Blake Brunson, Marshall Johnson, Loulia Miller, Adam Bedell, Stephen Brugerhoff(sp), Doug Anthony, Dan Pauli, Carrie, Ben Yohai, Marco Topo, Ralph Klee, Greg, David Shaldach, Matt Wosawski





Dumi Workshops




Santa Cruz



Animal Opera

Armando Ortega, Wagogo, Armando Ortega, Allyson Steinman, Teles Sanchez, Joel Laviolette, Mwata, Victor, Zoom

Manny Retinger