Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks

1. TPACK(All three intertwine)

1.1. Technologiocal Knowledge

1.1.1. Ability to use certain operating systems

1.1.2. Knowledge and skills required to operate particular technologies

1.1.3. Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies

1.1.4. Specific Hardware and software skills

1.2. Content Knowledge

1.2.1. Central facts, concepts, theories, procedures. expertise within a given field

1.2.2. Subject Matter

1.2.3. explanatory frameworks that organize and connect ideas

1.2.4. Rules of evidence and proof

1.2.5. The nature of knowledge and inquiry in different fields.

1.3. Pedagogical Knowledge

1.3.1. Student thinking and learning

1.3.2. The processes and practices of methods of teaching and learning.

1.3.3. Classroom development and lesson plan development and implementation

1.3.4. Strategies for evaluating student understanding

1.3.5. How students construct knowledge.


2.1. Redefinition

2.1.1. Technology allows for the creation of new tasks that were previously impossible. A whole project involving all types of technology to eventually produce a news cast.

2.2. Modification

2.2.1. Technology allows for significant task redesign. Essay written with audio and music. Played for an authentic audience.

2.3. Augmentation

2.3.1. Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement. Take a quiz or survey via technology opposed to pencil & paper.

2.4. Substituation

2.4.1. Technology acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional change. Student printing out a worksheet to use.

3. 21st Century

3.1. Foundational Knowledge

3.1.1. Content

3.1.2. Information Literacy

3.1.3. Cross Disciplinary Knowledge

3.2. Meta Knowledge

3.2.1. Problem Solving & Critical thinking

3.2.2. Communication and Collaboration

3.2.3. Creativity

3.3. Humanistic Knowledge

3.3.1. Life & Job Skills

3.3.2. Cultural Competence

3.3.3. Ethical/Emotional Awareness

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. How technology can and should be used in your teaching practices.

4.2. TPACK should inform this philosophy of Teachnology