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Admin by Mind Map: Admin

1. Dashboard

1.1. Account Details (listing)

1.1.1. Edit Company Name (Edit) Stock Exchange (Edit) Ticker Symbol Central Index Key CIK Confirmation Code

1.2. Licensing (listing)

1.3. Administrators (listing)

2. Settings

2.1. General

2.1.1. Time Zone Display (Default UTC)

2.1.2. Email Domain Restrictions

2.1.3. Hide Inaccessible Files (Default Yes)

2.2. XBRL

2.2.1. Preferred Taxonomy None

2.2.2. Default Industry Commercial and Industrial

2.2.3. XBRL Namespace Prefix None

2.2.4. XBRL Namespace Identifier (URI) None

2.2.5. Default Monetary Power of 10 6

2.2.6. Default Monetary Unit US Dollars

2.2.7. Default Monetary Decimals -6

2.2.8. Default Shares of Power of 10 3

2.2.9. Default Shares Unit Shares

2.2.10. Default Shares Decimals -3

2.2.11. Default Per Share Power of 10 0

2.2.12. Default Per Shares Unit $ Per Share

2.2.13. Default Per Share Decimals 2

2.3. Filing

2.3.1. Smaller Reporting Company No Yes/No

2.3.2. Shell Company No Yes/No

2.3.3. Voluntary Filer No Yes/No

2.3.4. Well-Known Seasoned Issuer No Yes/No

2.3.5. Show 'Webfilings' in EDGAR Title No Yes/No

2.3.6. Accelerated Filer Status None (Dropdown) Non-Accelerated Filer Accelerated Filer Large Accelerated Filer Not Applicable

2.3.7. Default SEC Contact Emails: ____ (Entry Field) Entry Field

2.3.8. Co Registrant Library Add co-Registrants Co-Registrant CIK Co-Registrant CCC CSV Bulk Upload Remove Co-registrants Confirmation Verify All Co-registrants File Number Library (dropdown) Import File Numbers View File Number Library

2.4. Profile Fields

2.4.1. Basic Information Username First Name (On) Last Name (On) Company Title Time Zone (On)

2.4.2. Contact Information E-mail (On) Home Phone (On) Cell Phone (On) Office Phone (On) Fax Number Certifier Cc

2.4.3. Authentication Information Two-Factor Auth SAML ID

2.5. Authentication

2.5.1. Sign In Require sign in after inactivity (minutes) (Text Box) 120 Allow Form to remember the username (No) Disable sign in after failed attempts (No)

2.5.2. Browser Validation Enable (No)

2.6. Password Policy

2.6.1. Password Requirements Passwords may be changed (times per day) 3 Require at least one letter (yes) Require at least one number (yes) Require at least one upper case letter (no) Require at least one lower case letter (no) Require at least one special character Passwords must be at least (characters) (text Box) 8

2.6.2. Password Expiration Require Passwords to expire (no) Save Changes & Reset All User Passwords (Button)

2.7. SAML

2.7.1. General Enable SAML Single Sign-On Require SAML authentication

2.7.2. SAML User ID SAML User ID is Wdesk username (no) Radio Selection NameIdentifier element in Subject statement (default) Attribute element: (Text Box)

2.7.3. Metadata Input Upload an Identity Provider Metadata file for automated configuration Upload box

2.7.4. Manual Settings Input Identity Provider URL IdP Initiated Login URL IdP Logout Service URL Binding (Dropdown) HTTP-POST HTTP-Redirect Deflate SAMLRequest for all Bindings Issuer (Text Box) Certificate (Text Box)

2.7.5. SAML Activity Log Clear Log

2.7.6. Upload SAML ID CSV

2.8. OTP Devices

2.8.1. Add Device Serial Number Secret Device Type (Dropdown) YubiKey C200 HOTP TOTP - Time step: 60 TOTP - Time step 30

2.8.2. Bulk Device Import CSV Upload

2.9. Mutual Funds

2.9.1. Import Funds Import from SEC CIK (Textbox) Import from CSV

2.9.2. Select a Fund Fund Info Fund CIK

2.9.3. Series Series ID Series Name Ticker Symbol

3. People

3.1. Members

3.1.1. Add Member username E-mail First Name Last Name Time Zone Office Phone Cell Phone Home Phone License & Permissions (Remove) Pro Base Reader Account Admin Add Member Cancel

3.1.2. Add Support Dropdown Account Admin Add Support Cancel

3.1.3. Import Members CSV Upload

3.1.4. More Reset passwords Remove members Enable two-factor auth Disable two-factor auth

3.1.5. Member Listing Edit (on each member) Same as Add More (on each member) E-mail Reset password Change Username Remove member Disable two-factor auth Resend Two-factor e-mail Resend welcome e-mail

3.2. Groups

3.2.1. Add a Group Group Name (Text Box)

3.2.2. Remove groups Confirmation

3.2.3. Default Groups All Users Document Editors Document Owners Document Viewers XBRL Editors XBRL Owners XBRL Viewers

3.2.4. Grid Rename Remove Click Subgrid

4. Content

4.1. Content

4.1.1. Grid Checkbox Listing Name Kind Type Frozen Click More

4.1.2. Buttons Move to Trash Advanced Permissions View Trash Trash Tab More Thaw Freeze

4.2. Trash

4.2.1. Grid Restore

4.2.2. Restore

4.2.3. Empty Trash Confirm

4.3. Document Validation

4.3.1. Grid View Issues View Repairs

5. Permissions

5.1. Permissions

5.1.1. Advanced Permissions

5.1.2. Apply Permissions Set

5.1.3. Grid More Advanced Permissions Apply Permissions Set Properties Click Add Member Add Group Remove Permissions More User Grid

5.2. Permissions Sets

6. Activites