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School by Mind Map: School

1. High School

1.1. All grades count

1.2. Alot more Pressure

1.3. More Tests

1.4. Fast paced

1.5. More freedom

1.5.1. Expected to be more responsible

1.5.2. Expected to be more mature

1.5.3. Free period

1.6. More responsibility

1.6.1. Parents give more freedom yet expect more responsibility

1.6.2. Because more independence

1.7. Specialized Classes

1.7.1. Mo bio Much more difficult and more homework

1.7.2. Interem Away for a longer period Not only places close to singapore More Independent

1.7.3. English More essays Less creativity

1.7.4. World History

2. Middle School

2.1. Grades don't count

2.1.1. Less stress

2.1.2. Less pressure

2.1.3. Less nagging from parents