What Employees look for

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What Employees look for by Mind Map: What Employees look for

1. Communicational skills

1.1. In many job places, you will have to share your views with other people, work in a team where communication is an essential skill. You have to be able to listen to instructions and follow them carefully.

2. Leadership skills

2.1. companies are looking for a person who will be able to take the company into their hands. They want a person who will be able to lead others to success and improvement as there is always ways in which you can improve. (this is only for jobs that require a team leader).

3. Computer Skills

3.1. as new technology arrives many companies are using it so the society has to go on with it and learn how to use it. Nearly every job today requires a basic understanding of computer hardware and software as well as word processing, spreadsheets and emails. This is important for a job in the IT industry.

4. Researching Skills

4.1. You need to be able to handle problems yourself. You might need to research about different issues that are going on and review them carefully. This is good as it means your keen and willing to work hard.

5. Dedication

5.1. Companies would like to see a person who is motivated. A candidate who wants to succeed and work to their full potential. They seek people who know where they want to go, what they want to achieve and have some path, which they follow.

6. Time management

6.1. This is very important as you need to be on time always to get and keep a job. If your always late you may be told to not come back or just get a warning.

7. Confidence

7.1. All employees look for confidence in someone. They usually want someone who isn't afraid to try new thing or do them in a different way. This is good if your working with a team because you wont be shying away

8. Problem solving

8.1. This will be good if your not getting along with people or are struggling to get in on time. Being on your feet all the time is a good idea to keeping and getting a job.

9. Dependability

9.1. Its good to be an indepenadnt worker as you will not always be with someone else. its good if an eployer can trust you to do it on your own.