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Get Rid of E-mail by Mind Map: Get Rid of E-mail
4.5 stars - 14 reviews range from 0 to 5

Get Rid of E-mail

how do we cut down e-mail?

use the right tool for the job

no meeting reminders

don't set up meetings in e-mail


only e-mail when things are completed

no thank you e-mails

use helpful sujects to people don't have to open

don't use it to avoid work/be lazy

NRN - no response necessary

when there's a better tool - use it

e-mail hours? - not after 6?

no thank you e-mails

Kerri's 3 volley rule

once it goes back and forth thrice find them

let people know what's appropriate

"wit and wisdom" conference

no forwards

"faculty lounge"

BFS - monthly reminder on approp practice


gets a copy, no response

passive aggressive

50% of e-mail is misinterpreted


wean people off


Google Docs


edit on paper?

how do you re-train users?

external users

deleting e-mails

post links on Intranet


careful - have to legally keep some

limit space

yearly delete