Frameworks for using technology in Education

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Frameworks for using technology in Education by Mind Map: Frameworks for using technology in Education



1.1.1. -knowledge of subject or field

1.1.2. -expertise in a discipline


1.2.1. -assessment

1.2.2. -expertise of teaching and learning

1.2.3. -differentiated instruction for students with different learning needs


1.3.1. -digital knowledge

1.3.2. -ability to effectively use devices such as computers, SMARTboards, and iClicker

2. 21st Century Learning

2.1. Constructivism

2.1.1. Students,together,collaborate and explore technological tools that can be used to explore subject areas.

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. Constant technological advancements are integrated into the classroom

2.3. Digital Culture

2.3.1. Students understand the 21st century and it's digital demands in the workforce and in their personal lives, resulting in social media etiquette and digital citizenship.

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. -teachers can develop mission statements connected to beliefs around technology and teaching

3.2. -areas of teaching and technology can be used for areas of improvement in teachers professional development plans

3.3. -MY PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHNOLOGY: The integration of technology in the classroom is vital to the success of all students because it equips the student with resources, support, and expertise that are beyond the reach of the physical classroom.


4.1. Enhancement

4.1.1. 1.) Substitution technology acts as a tool substitute, with no functional change

4.1.2. 2.) Augmentation technology acts as a tool substitute with functional imporvement

4.2. Transformation

4.2.1. 3.) Modification tech allows for significant task redesign

4.2.2. 4.) Redefinition tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable without the technology