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School Website by Mind Map: School Website
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School Website

Blog to Teach

5. Get you student blogging

Glue together student blog

6. Share your lesson plan

7. Integrated multimedia

4. Replace newsletter

8. Organize, organize everything

9. Get feedback

10. Create a fully functional website

1. Post materials and resources

upload / copy / paste / manage

2. Host online discussion

3. Create class publication

add student as contributors / authors

Website as a communication and educational tool

Student checking grades

Class assignment info

student act pages

teaching and learning

news about school

educational support


Google Apps

Domain Names + Hosting

Showcase Student's works








What is the best process for establishing a community based process

How can a website improce school-to-home communications

What value can a school website bring to the educational process

Dynamic interactive full timely of content

Staff and student to create and publish content to the site in a easy step

Learning is enhanced when parents and the commmunity are envolved in the education process

community based

involving as many shareholders

EXpress opinion openly and honestly is a brilliant way to get respond