Gender and Caste

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Gender and Caste by Mind Map: Gender and Caste

1. Enternaiment

2. Men and women enjoy each others company

3. The village gathers around for the festival

4. Plowing

4.1. Breaking up of soil

4.1.1. Men plow

4.1.2. Animals are constintly being used

4.2. Great farming technique

4.2.1. Session Rule 1

4.2.2. Session Rule 2

4.3. Best to do it during great weather

4.4. They get paid very little

4.5. Used in poverty with non-advanced technology.

5. Building compost pile

5.1. Speeds up process of breaking down organic materials

5.2. Construction

6. Women carrier hays

6.1. Only women do this

6.1.1. Sub Idea 1

6.1.2. Sub Idea 2

6.2. It's the norm in their village

6.3. They do not have the proper tools to carry it from place to place

7. Agricultural products become housing materials

7.1. Very weak due to the materials

7.2. Made out of staws and hay

7.3. Low cost of living

8. Attending a festival