Theories and Frameworks

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks


1.1. Transformation: no increase in grades

1.1.1. Redefinition Using technology for tasks that were previously inconceivable.

1.1.2. Modifitication Using technology as an effective tool to perform tasks with effective redesign

1.2. Enhancement: has a positive effects on grades

1.2.1. Augmentation Using technology as an effective tool to perform tasks; functional improvement

1.2.2. Substitution Using technology to perform the same tasks that could be done without technology; no functional change


2.1. Three knowledges

2.1.1. Content The actual subject matter Concepts Theories Ideas Organizational frameworks Knowledge of evidence and proof Practices and approaches towards developing such knowledge

2.1.2. Pedagogy The processes and practices of teaching and learning Understanding how students learn Classroom management skills Lesson planning Student Assessment

2.1.3. Technology Thinking about and working with technology

2.2. Relationships between the three knowledges

2.2.1. Pedagogical content knowledge Transformation of the subject matter for teaching Interpreting the subject matter, finding ways to represent it, adapt and tailor the instructional materials to alternative conceptions and students’ prior knowledge

2.2.2. Technological content knowledge The way in which technology and content interact How subject matter can be changed by using technology Knowing which technologies are most appropriate for the subject matter How the content dictates of changes the technology and vice versa

2.2.3. Technological pedagogical knowledge Understanding how teaching and learning are changed by using technology Knowing the pedagogical affordances and constraints of a range of technological tools as they relate to disciplinarily and developmentally appropriate pedagogical designs and strategies

2.2.4. Technological pedagogical content knowledge The basis of effective teaching with technology Understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies Pedagogical techniques that use technologies in constructive ways to teach content Knowledge of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn and how technology can help redress some of the problems that students face Knowledge of students’ prior knowledge and theories of epistemology Knowledge of how technologies can be used to build on existing knowledge to develop new epistemologies or strengthen old ones

3. 21st Century and Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. 21st Century students are technologically literate

3.2. Teachers need to be aware of the knowledge their students bring to the classroom

3.3. My philosophy for including technology in the classroom

3.3.1. Technology should be included in the classroom in useful contexts that add to the educational experience

3.3.2. Teachers need to teach children responsible technology use