Module 5

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Module 5 by Mind Map: Module 5

1. 21rst Century Learner

1.1. Foundation of Knowledge

1.1.1. What do we know? Content Applying basic knowledge such as mathematics or science to problem solve and navigate daily life. Cross Disciplinary Integrating different types of information to solve problems. Digital & Information Literacy How well we can problem solve and navigate using a technological perspective.

1.2. Meta Knowledge

1.2.1. How can we use this knowledge to solve problems and think critically? Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Using different types of information to reach a decision. Communication and Collaboration Working collaboratively to reach a decision. Creativity Using a wide variety of skills to create and refine a product.

1.3. Humanistic Knowledge

1.3.1. What type of knowledge to we use day to day to make wise and informed decisions? Life and Job Skills How we manage ourselves, how we use our knowledge to make important decisions. Cultural Competance Collaborating in a respectful manner with different types of individuals. Ethical and Emotional Awareness Making decisions that are respectful of other people.

2. Philosophy of Teachology

2.1. Collaboration of the philosophy of teaching and the use of technology and how it can be used in your classroom

2.1.1. To what extent will I use technology in my classroom? How will I integrate TPACK into my classroom pedagogy? Will technology be used effectively?


3.1. Redefinition

3.1.1. Does the tech redefine the classroom task, was it something previously inconceivable?

3.2. Modification

3.2.1. Does tech allow for modification of classroom activity?

3.3. Augumentation

3.3.1. The tech used acts as a direct substitute for classroom functionality.

3.4. Substitution

3.4.1. The entire substitution of a task with technology.

3.5. To what extent does technology play a role in the classroom. Does it redefine the classroom task or are we using it to modify an activity?

3.5.1. Are we copying and pasting?

3.5.2. Are we using a word processing document?

3.5.3. Are we using an online program to receive student results?

3.5.4. Are we blogging to relay information?

4. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge

4.1. How do the three types of knowledge cross over?

4.1.1. Technological Knowledge How can technology enhance learning?

4.1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge In what ways can we include technology to be an effective teaching tool?

4.2. TPACK addresses the need for teachers to acknowledge their duty to teach in a way which involves the content, pedagogy and technology of this current day and age.

4.2.1. Content Knowledge How can we integrate technology to effectively teach our curriculums in a meaningful way?