Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks


1.1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge: How to teach, how to adapt lessons to fit the needs of students

1.3. Content Knowledge: Mastering the content you are teaching; do the students have all the content knowledge needed to move forward?

1.4. Technological Knowledge: Knowledge of different technological tools and how to integrate them into teaching and learning in the classroom.

1.5. TPACK integrates PK, CK, and TK and balances them in the learning environment.

1.6. Teachers should become masters in pedagogy, technology and content in order to optimize their students' learning experience.


2.1. created by Doctor Ruben Puentedura

2.2. HOW teachers are using technology in the classroom

2.2.1. Teachers can use any type of technology in the classroom, and it can either be an enhancement or transformational

2.3. 4 levels

2.3.1. Enhancement Substitution Technology: direct tool substitute, no functional change Technology performs the same task as before. Ex. online worksheet Augementation Technology: direct tool substitute, with functional change. Technology performs same task as before but creates benefits. Ex. doing an online quiz; instant results and saving paper.

2.3.2. Transformation Modification Technology is used to completely redesign the task at hand Making a voice recording of an assignment rather than writing it; makes students more aware of their work Redefiniton Technology allows for creation of new ideas, especially for things that may have seemed impossible before. Creating documentaries, movies, songs, etc. so that students understand the content better. Students use technology to learn and collaborate and help increase their knowledge in subject areas

3. 21st Century Learner

3.1. 3 levels of knowledge

3.1.1. Functional Knowledge content information/digital literacy cross-disciplinary knowledge

3.1.2. Meta Knowledge problem solving/critical thinking communication/ collaboration critical thinking

3.1.3. Humanistic Knowledge ethical/emotional awareness job/ life skills cultural competence

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. how technology should be used in teaching

4.2. influenced by TPACK

4.3. create a professional growth plan that integrates technology into the classroom

4.4. teacher's personal beliefs on the importance of technology integration

4.5. Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) are a good way to incorporate technology into teaching practices