Theories and Technological Framworks

Miski H
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Theories and Technological Framworks by Mind Map: Theories and  Technological Framworks


1.1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

1.1.1. Knowledge teachers need to integrate technology in their teaching.

1.1.2. Teachers have three types of knowledge: Pedagogy, Content and Technological.

1.1.3. Here is a venn diagram of TPACK


2.1. SAMR stands for Substitution Augmentation Modification and Reflection

2.2. Substitution is when there is no real gain from using technology

2.2.1. eg. Printing out a worksheet and have the student fill it out.

2.3. Augmentation is when the use of technology has an impact.

2.3.1. eg.The student is more engaged or as a teacher you get immediate feedback.

2.4. Modification is when teaching quality is enhanced using technology.

2.4.1. eg. Having the kids use a math technology to manipulate and change angles and triangles. Having the students present there findings to class.

2.5. Reflection is when students are able to complete new tasks using technology.

2.5.1. eg. Finding resources outside a class for a presentation.

3. 21st Century

3.1. Foundational Knowledge

3.1.1. Includes Content, Information Literacy, and Cross Disciplinary

3.2. Meta Knowledge

3.2.1. Includes problem solving, critical thinking and creativity

3.3. Humanistic Knowledge

3.3.1. Includes life skills, cultural competence, and ethical awareness

4. Philosophy of Technology

4.1. Related to Phiosophy of Teaching

4.1.1. Your beliefs and practices when you teach

4.2. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.2.1. How you teach using technology

4.3. Uses philosophy of TPACK