The Insomniac Princess

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The Insomniac Princess by Mind Map: The Insomniac Princess

1. Princess

1.1. Her mind is always running wild.

1.1.1. worried her parents have given up on ever finding her a prince.

1.1.2. new ideas

1.1.3. what did I do wrong/self doubt

1.1.4. when will my parents stop running my life?

1.2. She can't sleep, and I mean never

2. Prince's Parents

2.1. sick and tired of the prince laying around all day doing nothing

2.2. they decide to send him to the military academy

2.2.1. The prince runs away and becomes lost in the woods. While he is lost he comes to a creek and meets the princess crying about how she can't sleep. All she wants to do is finally fall asleep and stop thinking about all the things she must do in her life. The prince says that sure isn't a problem for him! He finally gives her some advice and they realize both need each other to level each others craziness out. and they live happily ever after

3. The Princess's Parents

3.1. have been searching long and hard to find an eligible prince, but simply can't find anyone. They truly have given up on her.

4. The Prince

4.1. Enjoys playing video games

4.2. he doesn't want to go out searching for a princess

4.3. he is sick of his parents getting on to him because he has no desire to find a princess and have his own kingdom.