Holy Spirit in Jn 13-17

References to the Holy Spirit on John Chapters 13-17

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Holy Spirit in Jn 13-17 by Mind Map: Holy Spirit in Jn 13-17

1. Foretelling/Reception 13:20

1.1. 13:20

1.2. reference to trinitarian sending

2. Promise of the HS 14:15-31

2.1. adovocate sent by the Father 14.16

2.2. Spirit of Trust. Knowledge comes from Abiding v.17

2.3. will serve as teacher (sent by Father in Jesus name) v.25

3. The HS will Testify 15:26

3.1. Will testify regarding Christ. Disciples then will testify as well (because of their knowledge)

4. The Witness of the HS 16:7-15

4.1. Christ must go away for Advocate to come. Shows necessary relationship w/ Spirit just as w/ Christ. v7

4.2. Advocate will function regarding sin, righteousness and judgment. v8

4.2.1. reactions specific to every one of these v.9-11

4.3. Spirit guides into truth v.13

4.4. Spirit works in relationship w/ Father and Son. He shares what the Father has given the Son. v.13-15