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Online writing by Mind Map: Online writing

1. what are the pros and cons of online writing?

1.1. PROS

1.1.1. increased readership and possibility of attention from agents

1.1.2. web journals have more space for showcased work and so can accept more

1.1.3. editors are not driven by money and so can accept more unestablished writers

1.2. CONS

1.2.1. reading off of a screen- awkward and unpleasant for most

1.2.2. more accessible writing= more chance of plagarizing how do writers protect their work?

1.2.3. debate over whether online pubs take a lower standard

1.2.4. online pub credits may be taken less seriously on your writers CV

2. HOW

2.1. how to get published online

2.2. how to spot a decent online pub

2.2.1. masthead and editor's credentials

2.2.2. archives of past issues

2.2.3. check who has written for them

2.3. how to protect your copyright

2.4. how to submit work to online pubs

3. WHY?

3.1. why publish work online?

3.2. why do literary mags go online?

3.3. why do some lit mags shun the internet?

3.4. why not go for print mags?


4.1. when did the first online pub get set up?

4.2. when did popular lit mags go online?


5.1. where can I get published?

5.2. where can I find quality online mags?

6. WHO

6.1. who can write online?

6.2. who writes online (famous writers)

6.3. who reads online fiction?


7.1. what is online writing?

7.2. what are it's possibilities?

7.3. what styles are most appropriate/popular?

7.3.1. multimedia work

7.3.2. hypertext

7.3.3. flash fiction

7.3.4. experimental/leftfield

7.4. what happens to work that has been published online?