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Online writing by Mind Map: Online writing
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Online writing

what are the pros and cons of online writing?




how to get published online

how to spot a decent online pub

how to protect your copyright

how to submit work to online pubs


why publish work online?

why do literary mags go online?

why do some lit mags shun the internet?

use interviews with print mags- tactile relationship with the text, concerns over quality, editorial skill, restrictions that make print magazines more careful over what they print and also only the good ones survive the competition.

why not go for print mags?


when did the first online pub get set up?

this is mentioned in writers news article on online fiction.

when did popular lit mags go online?

ask keir about the site that lets you see websites as they used to be in the past.


where can I get published?

where can I find quality online mags?

NAWE, links sections of prestigious online magazines.


who can write online?

anyone- the internet is a free market- blogging, twitter, notes on social networking sites and cheap hosting for own websites, software for building websites so that knowledge of coding is defunct.

who writes online (famous writers)

who reads online fiction?


what is online writing?

what are it's possibilities?

what styles are most appropriate/popular?

what happens to work that has been published online?