Semester 2

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Semester 2 by Mind Map: Semester 2

1. Dorsal digital & Plantar digital Brs.

1.1. Dorsal Metatarsal

1.1.1. Dorsal Venous Arch Dorsal Venous Network Medial Marginal Vein SUPERFICIAL VEINS Lateral Marginal Vein Perforating Veins Anterior Tibial

1.2. Plantar venous Network

1.2.1. Medial & Lateral Plantar Posterior Tibial Popliteal Vein Forms at distal border Popliteus Fibular


2.1. Abdominal Aorta

2.1.1. Common Iliac PELVIC AREA Internal Iliac Gonadal Median Sacral Superior Rectal LOWER LIMB External Iliac



3.1.1. LATERAL BORDER PSOAS Iliohypogastric (L1) Skin around suprapubic regions Ilioinguinal (L1) Skin around inguinal region Skin around medial aspect Femoral Triangle Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh (L2/3) Skin of lateral thigh Femoral (L2/3/4) Saphenous Flexors of hip Extensors of knee Skin of anterior thigh

3.1.2. MEDIAL BORDER PSOAS Obturator (L2/3/4) Adductors of hip Skin of medial thigh Lumbosacral Trunk (L4/5) Joins with Sacral Plexus Accessory Obturator (L3/4) Pectineus Hip joint

3.1.3. ANTERIOR BORDER PSOAS Genitofemoral (L1/2) Genital Br. Femoral Br.


3.2.1. Nerve to Piriformis (S1/2) Piriformis

3.2.2. Perforating Cutaneous Nerve (S2/3) Skin over medial aspect buttocks

3.2.3. Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve (S2/3) Skin over lower buttock, uppermost, medial posterior surfaces of thigh Inferior Clunial Skin over lower and lateral part gluteus maximus

3.2.4. Superior Gluteal (L4-S1) Gluteus Medius & Minimus Sacroiliac joint

3.2.5. Inferior Gluteal (L5-S2) Gluteus Maximus

3.2.6. Sciatic (L4-S3) Flexors of the knee All muscles in the leg and foot (via Tibial & Common Fibular nerves) Tibial (S1/2) Medial Sural Cutaneous Articular branch to knee Superficial layer of posterior compartment of leg Deep layer of posterior compartment of leg Medial Plantar (L4/5) Lateral Plantar (S1/2) Common Fibular (L5/S1) Lateral Sural Cutaneous Superficial Fibular Deep Fibular

3.2.7. Nerve to Obturator Internus (L5-S2) Obturator Internus Superior Gemellus

3.2.8. Nerve to Quadratus Femoris (L4-S1) Quadratus Femoris Inferior Gemellus

3.2.9. Pudendal (S2-4) External genitalia (M&F) Pubic Symphysis

3.2.10. Nerves to Levator Ani & Coccygeus (S3/4) Supplies same muscles

3.2.11. Pelvic Splanchnic Nerves (S2-4) Gives sacral parasympathetic supply to the body




5.1.1. Iliolumbar Ligament TPs L5 - Fan outwards to Iliac Crest, blend with Anterior Sacroiliac Ligaments Prevent anterior displacement of L5 on Sacrum

5.1.2. Interosseous Sacroiliac Ligament

5.1.3. Anterior Sacroiliac Ligament

5.1.4. Posterior Sacroiliac Ligament

5.1.5. Sacrotuberous Ligament Sup: PSIS & PIIS, anterolateral Sacrum below auricular surface, Coccyx Inf: Ischial Tuberosity These ligaments, in combination with lesser sciatic notch, form Lesser & Greater Sciatic Foramen Both prevent posterior (and upward) movement of inferior part of sacrum when large downward force is placed on spine (anchor)

5.1.6. Sacrospinous Ligament Lower part of Sacrum & Coccyx to Ischial Spine Deep to Sacrotuberous

5.1.7. Anterior & Posterior Sacrococcygeal Ligaments

5.1.8. Superior & Inferior Pubic Ligaments Along with tendinous fibres from Rectus Abdominus mm. and EO strengthen the PS joint anteriorly

5.1.9. Inguinal Ligament

5.2. HIP

5.2.1. Iliofemoral Ligament Prox: AIIS and Acetabular rim Dist: Intertrochanteric line Prevents hyperextension of the hip jx

5.2.2. Pubofemoral Ligament Prox: Obturator crest of pubic bone Dist:Blends with medial part Iliofemoral lig. Resists abduction and extension of the hip

5.2.3. Ischiofemoral Ligament Prox: Ischial part of Acetabular rim Dist:Neck of femur, medial to base of greater trochanter Prevents hyperextension of hip jx

5.2.4. Act together to screw Femoral head into acetabulum to stabilise the joint

5.2.5. Transverse Acetabular Ligament

5.2.6. Ligament of the head of the femur

5.3. KNEE

5.3.1. INTRACAPSULAR Cruciate Ligaments Anterior Cruciate Ligament Posterior Cruciate Ligament Transverse ligament of knee Joins the two anterior edges of menisci together Coronary Ligaments Attach the external margins of menisci to periphery of tibial condyles Posterior Meniscofemoral Ligament Joins lateral meniscus to PCL and Lateral femoral condyle

5.3.2. EXTRACAPSULAR Fibular Collateral Ligament Lateral Epicondyle of Femur to lateral surface of Fibular head Limits rotation in knee flexion Tibial Collateral Ligament Medial Epicondyle of Femur to Medial Tibial condyle Medial fibres attached to medial meniscus Patella Ligament Oblique Popliteal Ligament Recurrent expansion of Semimembranosus tendon that reinforced the joint capsule posteriorly Arcuate Popliteal Ligament