Deposition of Dr. John Smith M. D.

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Deposition of Dr. John Smith M. D. by Mind Map: Deposition of Dr. John Smith M. D.

1. Exhibits

1.1. Exhibit 1

1.1.1. Death certificate

1.2. Exhibit 2

1.2.1. Autopsy

1.3. Exhibit 3

1.3.1. Labs

1.4. Exhibit 4

1.4.1. Medical document

1.5. Exhibit 5

1.5.1. Medical document

1.6. Exhibit 6

1.6.1. Medical history

2. Patient Background

2.1. Medical history

2.1.1. Polyneuropathy

2.1.2. Autoimmune disorder

2.1.3. Dementia

3. Doctor Background

3.1. Are you board-certified in internal medicine?

3.1.1. No, family practice Have you ever treated a patient for pelvic fracture? No Yes Have you treated patients for kidney, heart or lung disease? No Yes

3.1.2. Yes

4. 10/09/11 - 10/12/11 Events at the hospital

4.1. Did you find any inaccuracies in the medical records?

4.1.1. No

4.1.2. Yes Nurses' handwriting unclear Are you claiming that any of the nurses caused or contributed to the death of the patient? Other doctor Did you rely on any information provided by any doctor who saw and treated the patient at the hospital in formulating your diagnosis or plan of medical care?

4.2. Did you talk to the orthopaedic doctor?

4.2.1. No contact

4.2.2. Yes

4.2.3. Read written chart Did you look at X-ray films of broken pelvis? Yes No, relied on written report by radiologist

4.3. You noted "renal insufficiency" on the chart. Does that refer to decrease in kidney function?

4.3.1. No

4.3.2. Yes What was his output at the time of his admittance to the hospital? Creatinine above average

4.4. Is there danger of bleeding associated with this type of pelvic fracture?

4.4.1. No

4.4.2. Yes Are you familiar with the term retroperitoneum hematoma? No Yes