Technology Frameworks and Teaching

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Technology Frameworks and Teaching by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks and Teaching


1.1. Integration of 3 important components in teaching

1.1.1. Technology

1.1.2. Pedagogy

1.1.3. Content Knowledge

1.1.4. All three integrated to form a robust, holistic teaching strategy - TPACK

1.2. Lee Shulman


2.1. Emerging Framework

2.1.1. What are teachers doing with technology? Enhancement Augmentation Substitution Transformational Modification Redefinition

2.2. Integrates model of TPACK

2.3. Goal is to take students from technology transformation to technology enhancement

2.4. Initiated by Dr. Ruben Puentadora

3. 21st Century Learning

3.1. Punya Mishra

3.1.1. Foundational knowledge

3.1.2. Meta Knowledge

3.1.3. Humanistic knowledge

3.2. Emerging framework, will continue to grow, needs more research

4. Tachnology

4.1. how does teachnology affect education?

4.2. Use a holistic approach to teaching