Role of Teacher Librarians

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Role of Teacher Librarians by Mind Map: Role of Teacher Librarians

1. Find materials that compliment and enrich written text

2. Experiment with new technologies. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

2.1. Check out

3. Be reflective: Are my programs working?

4. Encourage critical thinking skills

5. Create a network of supporters. (Librarians @ other schools, local libraries, national libraries/organizations)

6. Provide the resources that people want and need

7. Regularly evaluate the functionality of the Library and its resources

8. Be aware of cultural differences and find materials that celebrate those cultures

9. Learn from the kids -- what are they currently using on the Internet? What are their interests?

10. Provide professional development opportunities to colleagues on new resources

11. Provide regular updates to staff on new resources

12. Collaborate with staff to create enriching activities for students.

13. Be an active participant in moving the library forward (e.g. Creative Commons)

14. Take risks and be creative

15. Sustain kids interests in reading

16. Encourage administration to get on board with new programs and technologies

17. Continue professional development to learn the latest technology, programming, terminology

18. Provide access to information for ALL kids