New literacy pathway

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New literacy pathway by Mind Map: New literacy pathway

1. In the begining, we were...

1.1. on campus

1.2. in a physical lecture room

1.3. looking up to THE source of knowledge, the lecturer, being boring or interesting

1.4. sitting statically for a hour or two

1.5. being visually supervised

1.6. waiting to be mobilised (or herded/shepherded)

1.7. entertaining ourselves with legitimate brain and intellectual stimuli

1.7.1. the same old lecturer's interpretation of our own world

1.7.2. our own feeling of irrelevance and bewilderdement

1.7.3. boredom-killing funny videos

1.7.4. any-birds or war of crafts-like gaming

1.7.5. repressed human interaction

1.8. falling sleep to have a good rest for the exciting stuff when the bell rings

2. We were wondering what life would be like if there were...

2.1. No authority

2.2. No others'/lecturers' agenda

2.3. No bells

2.4. No pushing

2.5. No nagging

2.6. No testing

2.7. No assignments

2.8. No readings

2.9. No limits and boundaries

3. We were curious what a life would that be like if there were only...

3.1. discussions

3.2. consultations

3.3. hangouts

3.4. collaborations

3.5. projects

3.6. tasks

3.7. questions

3.8. challenges

3.9. problems

3.10. missions

3.11. expeditions

3.12. adventures

4. Yet we would be on our own and our life would be filled with...

4.1. challenges

4.2. insecurities

4.3. risks

4.4. stresses

4.5. worries

4.6. criticisms

4.7. ambushes

5. But in this one hour or two, we could have...

5.1. Read two or three articles and add our comments

5.2. Watched two or three discovery-like or how stuff-works-like videos and added our comments

5.3. wrote two or three blog, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest posts, had them edited, shared, and commented by several professors of English and even J.K Rowlings

5.4. been on Hangout with two or three critical friends in the UK, China, and Brazil

5.5. sketched a literacy enhancement project for your local council

5.6. taught two or three students somewhere or online and earned a lot of things from them in addition to money

5.7. practice our podcasting or video casting skills

5.8. been our own time managers

5.9. been our own time managers

5.10. falling asleep to have a REALLY good rest on our OWN beds for the exciting stuff afterwards

6. So we begun our imperfect voyage and surprisingly, we have in 12 weeks...

6.1. turned a mainstream social media app into a learning space

6.2. developed and maintained a learning community

6.3. used more than 20 applications

6.3.1. best of all, able to search and learn to use any apps!

6.4. added numerous posts and thoughts to the learning community

6.4.1. 100 times more than in a classroom

6.4.2. not just a few lucky ones benefited

6.4.3. 100 times active than a normal online community

6.5. become producers and knowledge contributors via presentations,workshops, making artifacts, redeveloping classrooms, masterminding projects

6.6. make our presence online

6.7. had changed ourselves and influenced people around us

6.7.1. family members

6.7.2. friends

6.7.3. co-workers

6.7.4. community members

7. In 12 weeks, we have subverted some primary genres of university teaching

7.1. A lecture is now about

7.1.1. providing learning suggestions

7.1.2. sharing resources

7.1.3. sharing views

7.1.4. sharing critiques and concerns

7.1.5. organising individual/group consultations

7.1.6. inviting feedback

7.1.7. conducting evaluations

7.1.8. assisting students designing assessment tasks and criteria

7.1.9. facilitating negotiations

7.1.10. encouraging critical reflections

7.1.11. encouraging collaborations and communications among students

7.1.12. sustaining the dynamics of a learning space

7.2. A tutorial is now about

7.2.1. sharing views, opinions, experiences, and resources

7.2.2. collaborating with fellow students, lecturers, and, and other learning participants

7.2.3. learning from one another

7.2.4. teaching one another

7.2.5. presenting and sharing learning outcomes and products with one another

7.2.6. exploring the unknown with the learning community

7.2.7. hangouts at the library, at work, or on Google, Facebook, or Skype

7.2.8. conducting surveys, interviews, field work, investigations

7.2.9. taking back our time for purposeful and meaningful use

8. In the end...

8.1. we have learnt

8.1.1. who to learn from

8.1.2. How to learn

8.1.3. what to learn

8.2. we have learnt to teach ourselves and teach one another.

8.3. we have learnt that we are as competent as anyone else at the University and in the big wide world in terms of knowledge production and contribution