The Classroom

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The Classroom by Mind Map: The Classroom

1. Legistlation

1.1. laws created and upheld that are intended to improve educational opportunities for all students and to encourage educational equality

2. Ecological Environment

2.1. physical and social environment and how it effects development and learning

2.2. act of matching development progression with the environment for optimal learning

3. Pygmalion Effect

3.1. perceived expectations become actual performance

4. Hidden Curriculum

4.1. indirect learning of classroom norms

4.2. may not coincide with actual rules/values of school

5. Sleeper Effect

5.1. the decline of the positive effects of the Head Start Program after second grade

6. Diversity

6.1. segregation: separating students and isolating them from others who differ from them.

6.2. integration: providing opportunities for students to interact with and learn from students who differ from them

7. Cultural Deficit

7.1. teaching diverse students in a way that requires them to learn middle-class behaviors while rejecting their own

8. Achievement Gap

8.1. the gap between the achievement of White and Asian students and Black, Hispanic and Native American students

9. Heterogeneous Groups

9.1. groupings of students who are the same; same race, gender, ethnicity, etc.

10. Parent Involvement

10.1. the amount of parental involvement affects the academic success of the student

11. Community Involvement

11.1. The amount of involvement of the community directly effects the success of the school. The community has a great deal of influence on the policies and administration of the school