SWOT Analysis of Industry Training Authority (ITA) Digital Channels

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SWOT Analysis of Industry Training Authority (ITA) Digital Channels by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis of Industry Training Authority (ITA) Digital Channels

1. Strengths

1.1. website rebuilt in drupal for greater back end functionality

1.2. we've invested in a customer discovery research and now understand better what they are requiring from us and when

1.3. key partners want ITA to be the go-to resource online for information about trades training and apprenticeship

1.4. social media strategy and implementation

1.5. targeted online ads linked to Youtube videos effective

2. Threats

2.1. many fragmented websites so it is confusing where to go for information about trades training and trade careers

2.2. resources available to make improvements

2.3. government is conducting a mandate review and results and impacts to ITA are unknown at this point

3. Weaknesses

3.1. website isn't easy to navigate and content isn't plain language

3.2. website home page is mostly design and lack functionality for users

3.3. external website isn't integrated with self-service online tool

3.4. to date digital channels have been developed based upon guessing what our customers need or want

3.5. don't have an Intranet so the external website is used as an internal resource

3.6. poor content management

3.6.1. website has way to many PDFs

3.7. for awareness we make users work really hard for information

3.8. for those that are in the apprenticeship system we don't make it easy for them to know what to do next

3.9. get complaints that the online self-service tool is hard to figure out which only increases calls to customer service

3.10. SEO weak

4. Opportunities

4.1. website strategy - improving experience on website with better content and better navigation

4.1.1. re-doing the "Discover" section of the website and specifically the "Trade Programs" area with links to labour market information and career information for each trade

4.2. develop advocay channel with alumni program

4.2.1. more co-creation

4.3. get and keep closer to our customers with more regular industry engagement

4.4. developing a job match resource with in partnership with WorkBC to help employers and apprentice connect online

4.5. integrate customer service with online channels (i.e. more proactive in social media plus add an online chat function)

4.6. help / support functionality on website with the ability to rate if content was helpful

4.7. develop "how to" videos to help apprentices and employer sponsors use the self-service online tool

4.8. improve SEO

4.9. mobile strategy

4.10. content management strategy

4.11. blog for awareness, subject matter expert positioning

4.12. quarterly newsletters changed from PDFs to online searchable content