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Insure Inc. by Mind Map: Insure Inc.

1. Contacts

1.1. Amanda Gray CEO

1.1.1. Lisa Cooper - Head of Finance

1.1.2. John Smith - Head of IT Development

1.1.3. Maria Andersson - Head of Marketing

1.1.4. Allison Lee - Head of Business Development Main tasks Developes new packages (family package, small business package, etc) Finds new areas to insure (e.g. financial insurances, ID insurance, etc.) Collaborations Internal External Project steps: Workshop Finance and Biz.Dev. - calculate and coordinate with partner company Marketing - campaign strategy IT - Build IT solution (web, ERP, etc) 5 people are reporting to Allison (Biz Dev. team)

2. Current situation

2.1. 2 main sites/offices

2.1.1. HQ in Copenhagen

2.1.2. Sales office in London

2.2. 500 employees

2.3. Sharepoint for documents

2.4. Yammer for internal communication

2.5. No planning support. Use excel (gant, time reporting) today. Share excel through Sharepoint.

3. Areas that can be improved

3.1. Planning support

3.1.1. Would like more control of what goes on

3.1.2. Have seen other departments use kanban (post-its). Don't know what the benefit is.

3.2. Coordinating work between the departments

3.3. Collaboration with partner companies

3.4. Time reporting on projects

3.5. Best solution would be to have all this in Sharepoint, and not in another tool.

4. Works well

4.1. Sharepoint for documents - internally

4.2. Yammer - internally

5. Next step

5.1. Demo for Allison

6. Possible Solution

6.1. Enterprise Edition

6.2. All external projects are run through Projectplace

6.3. Create project templet iwth typical steps

6.4. Each step is activity on timeline - Easy for stakeholders to follow

6.5. Each team get one board - Easy for teams to coordinate

7. Other

7.1. Timeframe

7.1.1. Before summer

7.2. Future potential

7.2.1. Good spread potential for external projects

7.2.2. Migh spread to internal projects that require good planning support.

7.2.3. Will most likely not replace sharepoint.

8. Business Goals

8.1. 10 % market share on life insurance at the end on 2016 (5% today) on our local markets

8.2. Thiis will be done through development of own offering AND mergers/pertnering with other companies

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