Chapters 4 & 5

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Chapters 4 & 5 by Mind Map: Chapters 4 & 5

1. Childhood

1.1. The Poor

1.1.1. Follow in footsteps of parents finding minimal wage work

1.1.2. Turn to life of crime in hopes of getting out of poverty Gangs Theft Drugs Many die young

1.1.3. Receive strong discipline in hopes of keeping them away from crime.

1.1.4. Childhood cut short Leave homes early

1.1.5. Viewed as criminals

1.2. Middle and Upper Class

1.2.1. Kings and Queens of the household

1.2.2. Everything provided by parents

1.2.3. Taught their place in society as "priviledged"

1.2.4. Childhood little concerns

2. Violence

2.1. Gangs

2.1.1. Children Attempt to escape poverty A sort of family for children on the street Provide the powerless with power

2.1.2. Neighborhoods Influence strong connections Fear

2.1.3. Police Affiliations partnerships

2.1.4. Trafficking of drugs