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Web Site - Bike Across USA by Mind Map: Web Site - Bike Across USA

1. main stats

1.1. total distance

1.2. completed distance

1.3. remaining distance

1.4. avg distance/day

1.5. current total altitude gain

1.6. estimate days left based on avg/day and remaining distance

1.7. total money spent

1.7.1. split in subcategories: equipment, food, accomodation

2. random ideas

2.1. visible and simple way for visitors to send me a message real-time

2.2. show days counter till start

2.3. my current position icon on map: miniature drawing of me on bike

3. inspiration from other sites

3.1. http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/ro/locatii/bucuresti/despre/#harta-159

3.1.1. nice stats

3.1.2. scrollable page

3.1.3. simple links to fb, twitter, instagram

3.1.4. edit box mare pentru "share a thought"

3.2. www.roadtrippers.com

4. map

4.1. show route

4.2. show current position

4.3. show a point for each day (even for future ones based on estimation or my planning)

4.4. highlight the states I am going through

4.5. show major waypointa: independence hall, the white house, rocky mountains, grand canyon, las vegas, death valley, sequoia

4.5.1. see http://unescoplaces.org/features

4.6. have ability to switch between abstract map and real map

4.7. moving cursor on path highlights associated point on the elevation chart - to tell distance and elevation

4.8. when hover over a daypoint

4.8.1. show day stats include a small phrase for description

4.8.2. button to navigate to that day entry navigation is done by scrolling down the page to that entry

4.9. use different styles for: past days, current day and future days

4.10. current position will be updated every X minutes or as soon as I get network coverage

4.10.1. there must be a label somewhere saying: "Last updated at...."

4.11. show weather for my current location

4.11.1. and maybe the next 2 days

5. day entry

5.1. show map & route for that day

5.1.1. must find a way to reuse the map when showing a day entry

5.2. show elevation chart for that day

5.3. show a blog entry

5.4. show a photo stream

5.5. ability to navigate easy to overall map

6. day menu selection

6.1. I really like the proposal with a long line of days, like a timeline

7. photo stream

7.1. a scrollable stream of photos

7.2. if we are in the overall view, show all photos starting with most recent

7.3. as an alternative to the photo stream, photos can also be shown on map

7.3.1. see Pamoramio layer in google maps

8. short updates stream

8.1. a scrollable list with timestamp and short message

8.2. last update must be visible, the rest can be shown on demand

8.3. I want to be able to send a short update when something interesting happens

8.4. maybe these will be tweets from Twitter

9. current status

9.1. this is an icon somewhere which shows if I am moving or not, and a small label

9.2. somewhere in the stats area

9.3. or it could be displayed as an icon on my current position marker on the map

9.4. it could be an emoticon

10. visitor can register for receiving email updates

10.1. when I reach a certain milestone

10.2. on every day post