Government Censoring

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Government Censoring by Mind Map: Government Censoring

1. Japan

1.1. Fukushima

1.1.1. Nuclear waste leakage

1.1.2. Not accepting foreign aid

1.2. 2011 Tōhoku earthquake

1.2.1. Humanitarian Response

1.2.2. Increase in deaths by an estimate of an extra 3000.

2. Germany

2.1. Books written by Jewish authors purged

2.2. Newspapers shut down or taken over

2.3. Radio stations shut down

2.4. Certain countries faced worse censorship like death if caught reading foreign newspapers

2.5. Laws

2.5.1. Any type of speech glorifying nazis

2.5.2. Nazi paraphernalia

3. Types of Censorship

3.1. Intimidation

3.1.1. Threatening

3.1.2. Monitoring online activity

3.1.3. Potential Incarceration

3.2. Financial Control

3.2.1. Bribing

3.2.2. Controlling the flow of information

3.3. Legal Control

3.3.1. Specific ideas that are illegal to express publically

4. History of Censorship

4.1. Middle age Europe

4.1.1. Catholic Church controlled universities and publications

4.1.2. Kings King Charles declared all books must have his permission other European rulers soon followed

4.2. Postal Sevice

4.2.1. Thought easy access to information would be harmful Spurred the development of newspapers

4.3. Printing Press

4.3.1. 18th century Europe, frequent censorship 19th century, independent press emergence

4.4. Library Censorship

4.4.1. Most commonly censored thing Books Mark Twain's The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

4.4.2. burning books as a method of ethnic purging

5. Why Censor?

5.1. Some think it protects society

5.2. Commonly enforced when governments are not elected.

5.2.1. Covers up corruption and tyranny. keeping government in power

5.3. Censorship is no more acceptable for being practiced in the name of religion than for national security


5.4. Promotes patriotic thinking.

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