Goldstein Chapters 6 & 7

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Goldstein Chapters 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Goldstein Chapters 6 & 7

1. Chapter 6 Social Sexuality

1.1. Disturbing elements structured into everyday sexuality in places like Felicidade eterna

1.2. Women seen as tropical sexuality or carioca identity by masculinist vision of desire and transgression, "Paradise for men"

1.3. Sexual humor used in everyday life and most social relations. Sexual joking, teasing very common.

1.4. Braziliam sexuality more concerned with buttocks than breasts.

1.5. Sex positive attitude towards life both young and old

1.6. Brazilian women of all classes enjoy being looked at, complimented, and considered sexally desirable. Some come to US an return when being ignored by men.

1.7. Boys are encouraged and expected to become active seducers.

1.8. Woman are expected to be loyal to their partners simply because they are women, and their disloyalty shames and dishonors partners.

2. Chapter 7 Family/Abuse/The Courts

2.1. Women often find themselves escaping one form of victimization in their lives by entering another, often equally troublesome situation.

2.1.1. Task

2.1.2. Prerequisites

2.2. The retelling of the rape story through attention to various humorous details allowed for the venting of anger about a series of issues.

2.2.1. Task

2.2.2. Prerequisites

2.3. Beyond immediate economic benefits that the drug trade brings, the gangs of varying sizes and levels of organization involved in trafficking also provide an alternative rule of law in impoverished neighborhoods.

2.3.1. Task

2.3.2. Prerequisites

2.4. Despite the fact that men move in and out of women's households frequently, a sacred notion of the biological father still persists in discourse.

2.5. Courts are caught in anachronistic understandings of class, gender, and sexuality, thus leaving women, especially impoverished, with little or no legal recourse in their everyday negotiations with men, gangs, and criminals. Best thing to do is seek protection from a male, possibly abusive.

2.6. Women are continually striving to mediate their perspectives on sexuality in a society that is incredibly sex-positive but that does very little to protect the bodies of women, even young, from transgresive behavior.