Editing an Expository Essay

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Editing an Expository Essay by Mind Map: Editing an Expository Essay

1. Use a self checklist for elements of an expository essay

1.1. My thesis and introductory paragraph outlines three points.

1.2. I use transitions at the start of each new paragraph.

1.3. I organize each of my three main body paragraphs to contain point, proof, comment.

1.4. I use quotes or factually recount events in a story for proof.

1.5. I use sufficient evidence (quotes, factual recount) to support my claims.

1.6. I explain how or why the proof proves my point.

1.7. I conclude my work with a closing that does not simply restate the opening. It reflects the opening but is transformed to add interest.

1.8. I use correct MLA formatting for the body of my essay

1.9. I use correct MLA formatting for my Works Cited page.

2. Have a peer use a checklist for elements of an expository essay

3. Start early-don't leave anything to the last minute

4. Leave your work for a couple of days and come back to edit

5. Use a highlighter to indicate point, proof, comment

6. Read difficult passages out loud

7. Check for key words that define point, proof, comment

8. Refer back to your planning organizer to ensure you are still on target

9. Regularly refer to your rubric to make sure you are fulfilling all expectations of the assignment

10. Use Google Docs for rough draft and modify in same doc-the revision history can not only help you get back earlier versions, but you can discover more about yourself as a learner-where did you get stuck/what was your greatest challenge?

11. Always write in process using drafts

11.1. Delete any sections that are not particularly relevant.

11.2. Change vocabulary to improve expression.

11.3. Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.