Theories and Frameworks

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks


1.1. Broken down into two categories

1.1.1. Transformations: change how an activity is done Substitution: Printing off a worksheet, completing it, and handing it in Augmentation: Taking a quiz online via Google Forms

1.1.2. Enhancements: improve how an activity is done Modification: Writing an essay and providing an audio recording with a soundtrack Redefinition: make a documentary video with outside sources

1.2. This model looks at how technology can be used within classroom activities


2.1. Technological Knowledge

2.1.1. Understanding how to use technology and software within a classroom

2.2. Content Knowledge

2.2.1. Understanding the content that you are supposed to teach

2.3. Pedagogical Knowledge

2.3.1. Understanding the methods of teaching as well as how to teach

2.4. All three types of knowledge can be connected to one another (e.g. Technological content knowledge) but also as one within a context

2.5. Looks at how the types of knowledge can interact with one another to provide instruction to students within the classroom

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. Similar to a teaching philosophy but with a focus on technology

3.2. How will a teacher use technology within their classroom? How will this affect learning?

3.3. How will a a teacher utilize both the TPACK and SAMR model?

4. 21st Century Learning Framework

4.1. Foundational Knowledge

4.1.1. content, information literacy, cross-disciplinary knowledge

4.2. Meta Knowledge

4.2.1. problem solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity

4.3. Humanistic Knowledge

4.3.1. life/job skills, cultural competence, ethical/emotional awareness