Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder by Mind Map: Attention Deficit Disorder

1. How to deal with it

1.1. Get diagnosed by a doctor

1.2. Let family, friends, and educators (sometimes co-workers) know about situation

1.3. Take daily medication

2. Medication

2.1. Ritalin

2.2. Vyvanse

2.3. Adderall

2.4. Strattera

2.5. Intuniv

2.6. Quillavant

3. Symptoms

3.1. Daydreaming

3.2. Fidgeting

3.3. Short Attention Span

3.4. Easily distracted

3.5. Disorganizaion

3.6. Forgetfullness

3.7. Procrastination

4. How to diagnose it

4.1. Have warning signs seen by educator

4.2. Get tested by medical professional

4.3. Get placed on trial medication

4.4. Get monitored every 6-12 months on new medication/dosage/changes in behavior

5. Personal Experiences

5.1. What life is like from my perspective

5.2. What life is like from my sister's perspective

5.3. What life was like from my mother's perspective