Chapter 1: Kinetic Particle Theory

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Chapter 1: Kinetic Particle Theory by Mind Map: Chapter 1: Kinetic Particle Theory

1. Changes of State

1.1. Melting

1.1.1. From solid to liquid.

1.1.2. High temp, attractive forces bet. particles broken, no longer in fixed positions, now a liquid.

1.2. Freezing

1.2.1. Liquid to solid.

1.2.2. Particles begin to lose kinetic energy, move more slowly, start to settle into fixed positions, now a liquid.

1.3. Boiling

1.3.1. Liquid to gas

1.3.2. Overcame the attractive forces holding them together, spread far apart and now a gas.

1.4. Evaporation

1.4.1. Some particles have enough energy to escape as a gas from the surface of the liquid.

1.5. Condensation

1.5.1. When a gas is cooled sufficiently, it changes into a liquid.

1.6. Sublimation

1.6.1. Solid directly change into a gas without going through the liquid state.

2. Diffusion

2.1. Moves from region of higher concentration to lower concentration.

2.2. Rate of diffusion depends on the molecular mass.

3. Matter

3.1. Solid

3.1.1. Fixed shape and volume.

3.1.2. Particles Closely packed and orderly. Strong attractive forces between each other. Low kinetic energy between each other. Vibrate & rotate about fixed positions

3.1.3. Uncompressed.

3.2. Liquid

3.2.1. Particles: Disorderly Strong attractive forces Low KE. Slide over each other.

3.2.2. No fixed shape.

3.2.3. Fixed volume.

3.2.4. Uncompressed.

3.3. Gas

3.3.1. No fixed shape and volume.

3.3.2. Compress-able.

3.3.3. Particles Disorderly and far apart. Weak attractive force. High KE. Move about at great speeds.