The Life That I Want

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The Life That I Want by Mind Map: The Life That I Want

1. Vehicles

1.1. Car

1.1.1. Lamborghini Gallardo

1.1.2. Fully modified

1.1.3. Lime Green colour with red flames

1.2. Motor Bike

1.2.1. Get license before the age of 19

1.2.2. If got money Harley Davidson

2. Hobbies

2.1. Soccer

2.1.1. Play for Team West Football Club

2.2. Remixing Songs

2.2.1. Currently a DJ in Intoxicated Ace Crew

2.3. Chatting

2.3.1. I love to make new friends through chatting

3. Family

3.1. 2 children

3.2. Should be named Preweetha and Preban

3.2.1. New node

4. House

4.1. Must stay in a bungalow with my parents in Bukit Batok(I like Bukit Batok)

4.2. Must stay in a quiet place

5. Career

5.1. Commercial Pilot

5.2. Aeronautical Engineer

5.3. If Both also cannot then a business man working for AMWAY