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Hobbies by Mind Map: Hobbies

1. VideoGraphy

1.1. Taking videos for own interest of people

1.2. Taking Videos for official events

1.3. Making videos of interest to others

2. Facebooking

2.1. Chatting

2.1.1. With Friends

2.2. Playing Mini Online Games with friends

2.3. Exploring new web 2.0 Applications available online

2.4. Meeting new friends and playing around with applications

2.5. Collecting pictures from online

3. Media,Film and Innovation

3.1. To Provide a all round development and service via Media to people. Being able to handle hard tasks and anything to do with media.

4. Photography

4.1. Taking Pictures

4.2. Looking at new aspects of life

4.3. Enriching others by the works of photography

5. Collecting Pictures

5.1. Friends photos for memory sake

5.1.1. Putting them online

5.2. Photos for humour

5.3. Photos kept for further usage in the future