Franklin Crabbe: The Man

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Franklin Crabbe: The Man by Mind Map: Franklin Crabbe: The Man

1. Clever: "I waited until the clothes were ready and told her I'd drop them off... but i kept them" (22)

1.1. I believe that Crabbe is a really clever person because he planned his escape plan so no one would be able to tack him down.

2. Sneaky: "He carried his alcohol in a thermos on the top shelf of his locker" (25)

2.1. Crabbe that son of gun drinking alcohol in his teenager years, tsk.. tsk.. tsk... Oh well, i said his sneaky because the way he was able to bring alcohol to school without anyone noticing until that day when fat ass Grant caught him, but it wasn't because of the alcohol but by the way he acted.

3. Heroic: "Until i saw a burst of sparks erupt from the chimney..... I rolled her over, cut the ropes, picked her coat and led her out of there." (110-112)

3.1. So this is similar to Courageous, but it meant a lot to me because you can see how Crabbe has change over those 5 months that he spent with Mary.

4. Lucky: "Somepin wrong with yer hand? he asked. Yeah frozen I think, I said trying not to sound dramatic.Better have a look." (145)

4.1. I think that Crabbe is a very lucky man because he went trough a lot and he was able to survive the worst, he's also lucky because he found Mary who taught him how to survive in the wild and for finding Jonhson who took him to the hospital after he noticed the frostbite on his hand.

5. Courageous: "No time to wait. I bounded up the stairs, club in my hand, reaching into jeans for a handful of meat. I threw open the door." (112)

5.1. I believe that Crabbe is a courageous man because when the drunken huntress took Mary inside the house he had to make the decision of helping her and he was also very clever by the way he was able to save Mary.

6. Alcoholic: "I used silent Sam vodka, almost impossible to detect on my breath. I never got drunk." (26)

6.1. Crabbe is described as an alcoholic on the first chapters, he gets busted by fat ass Grant when he finds alcohol in his locker and Crabbe has also gotten caught because his dad warned him about drinking at school before.