Crabbe's personality

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Crabbe's personality by Mind Map: Crabbe's personality

1. Adventurous-"So I began to prepare for my escape, a little depressed, a little scared," (29)

1.1. Crabbe is adventurous because he dreams of running off to live in the woods, so he does exactly that.

2. Alcoholic-"maybe when you really want a drink, you could light up that pipe and it would take your mind off Whatshisname" (92)

2.1. Crabbe is an alcoholic because he has no friends and he thinks he is worthless.

3. Smart-"I try to ask as many questions as i can, especially if he's being Friend or Father." (13)

3.1. Crabbe is smart because he is interviewing the doctor and he can read him.

4. Depressed-"He's the shrink who's got the job of discovering What's Wrong With Crabbe." (10)

4.1. Crabbe drinks away his depression. he is sad because his teachers treat him like crap, and he has no friends.

5. Weak- "I was tall and gangly" (34)

5.1. Crabbe is weak because he goes into the wild without even knowing what he's doing.