Franklin Crabbe A Highly Unique Individual

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Franklin Crabbe A Highly Unique Individual by Mind Map: Franklin Crabbe A Highly Unique Individual

1. Liar; "Crabbe tells his help that he doesn't know whats wrong with himself" pg 10

1.1. Crabbe is hiding his feelings and emotions behind his "stupidity" which is smart because he doesn't want people to know his business.

2. Hypocrite; "Crabbe denies that he is in fact an alcoholic" pg12

2.1. Crabbe has a best friend named "Silent Sam." Sam helps Crabbe through all of his problems in the story and is often in the mind of Crabbe.

3. Brave; "Crabbe saves Mary from the drunks in the cabin" pg112

3.1. Crabbe demonstrates bravery by saving Mary from four drunk men during their hunt for food.

4. Dangerous; "No one will see us if we are careful" pg103

4.1. Crabbe and his friend Mary are sneaking into a cabin to steal food for their survival.

5. Opinionated; "Calls Dr.Browne a son of a bitch" pg14

5.1. Crabbe does not care about what he says, therefore he is highly opinionated!