Crisis in American Schools

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Crisis in American Schools by Mind Map: Crisis in American Schools

1. Factor's That Hinders Student's Learning

1.1. Socio-Economic Status

1.2. School Locations

1.3. Home Dynamics

2. Teachers

2.1. The ability to create stability and consistency

2.2. Teachers are often disrespected and undermined

2.3. Funding is not properly allocated to teachers

2.4. School high turn-over

3. Parents

3.1. Teacher's perception of low-income parents

3.2. Treatment of low-income families

3.3. The affects student's feel about the low perception of their income status

3.4. The vicious cycle

4. Why are other countries so successful?

4.1. Diversity is limited

4.2. Different teaching styles

4.3. Curriculum

5. Why is there a need for reform?

5.1. Morally Just

5.2. Student's are better prepared for college

5.3. Build this country's economy

5.4. International competitive

6. The dangers of setting low expectations for students

6.1. It creates lazy teachers

6.2. Student's are not challenged

6.3. School's overall performance fails

7. High Stake Testing

7.1. Creates the blame game

7.2. Only caters to one type of learning style

7.3. Highlights failure

7.4. Create anger

8. Educational Leaders

8.1. Instructional

8.2. Distributed

8.3. Transformational

8.4. Results-Driven