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MODULE 5 by Mind Map: MODULE 5

1. Enhancement


2.1. Substitution

2.1.1. Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change

2.2. Modification

2.2.1. Tech allows for significant task redesign

2.3. Augmentation

2.3.1. Tech acts as a direct tool substitute with functional improvement

2.4. Redefinition

2.4.1. Tech allows for the creation of new tasks previously inconceivable


3.1. Technology

3.1.1. Knowledge of the different type of technology tools integrated into teaching and how to use them

3.2. Pedagogy

3.2.1. Knowing "how" to teach

3.3. Content

3.3.1. Knowing "what" to teach

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. addresses a teacher's personal values and ideas about how technology can be used in their teaching

4.2. Technology is a great tool to engage learners

4.3. Because of the vast movement in technology students/teachers are able to perform and enhance learning

5. 21st Century

5.1. Humanistic

5.1.1. Life/Job Skills, cultural competence, ethical awareness

5.2. Foundational

5.2.1. content, information, literacy

5.3. Meta

5.3.1. Problem solving, Critical thinking, collaboration, Creativity