Theories and Frameworks

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks


1.1. A method of seeing how technology might impact learning and teaching

1.1.1. Enhancement Redefinition: Technology allows for new tasks that were previously impossible to take place. Modification: Technology is used to accomplish common classroom tasks.

1.1.2. Transformation Augmentation: Technology is used to effectively perform a common task with functional improvement Substitution: Technology is used to perform the same task as done before, with no functional improvement.


2.1. Identifies the knowledge teachers need in order to effectively teach using technology

2.1.1. Technological knowledge

2.1.2. Pedagogical knowledge

2.1.3. Content Knowledge

2.2. New types of knowledge lie between the three main types of knowledge, mixing them

2.3. Venn diagram structure emphasizes mixture of different types of knowledge

2.4. Link to image:

3. 21st Century

3.1. 3 types of knowledge

3.1.1. Foundational knowledge Content knowledge Information literacy cross-disciplinary knowledge

3.1.2. Meta knowledge Problem solving and critical thinking communication and collaboration creativity

3.1.3. Humanistic knowledge Life and job skills cultural competence ethical and emotional awareness

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. SImilar to a philosophy of teaching, but it includes how technology an be used in teaching practices

4.2. Each teacher can have their own personal philosophy which outlines their beliefs

4.3. Statements can be written to show your philosophy of teachnology

4.4. Can include various uses of technology, including professional development, online tools, and using technology in the classroom