Balanced Reading

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Balanced Reading by Mind Map: Balanced Reading

1. Independent Reading

1.1. Student responsibility high

1.2. Teacher still involved with conferencing

1.3. Student chooses book based on interest

1.4. Beware of "fake readers"

2. Shared Reading

2.1. Teacher uses book big enough for all to see

2.2. Book is read several times

2.3. Used to teach text features and phonics

2.4. Students gradually join in on repeated readings

2.5. Book is at level higher than students independent abilities

3. Guided Reading

3.1. Should be set up only after teacher assessments complete

3.2. Students and teacher read the book together, choral reading, taking turns...

3.3. Students have time to practice skills that they`ve learned in shared reading and read alouds

4. Read Alouds

4.1. Book is at a level higher than students can read independently

4.2. Teacher shares background knowledge about the book and activates students prior knowledge

4.3. Used to showcase rich oral language, fluency, expression and joy of reading

4.4. Can be used at all levels or grades

5. Classroom Atmosphere

5.1. Accessible for all learners

5.2. Warm and Welcoming

5.3. Love of reading modelled by teacher

5.4. Home connections and parental involvement

6. Student Materials

6.1. Variety of genres

6.2. Dual language books

6.3. Variety of print materials

6.4. Balance of fiction and non-fiction

7. Teacher Materials

7.1. use a variety of online or technological materials to provide students a range of learning opportunites

7.2. collaborate with colleagues to implement paired or shared reading time

7.3. use organizers to track student progress with reading and track goals

7.4. use high quality textbooks and books about literacy to develop comprehensive program

8. Physical Space

8.1. Comfortable reading nooks with pillows, carpets

8.2. Literacy centers around the room, including listening area with audio books on tape

8.3. Lighting in areas is appropriate for students with disabilities

8.4. labels are used throughout classroom, as well as directions, signs and word walls

9. Time/Strucutre

9.1. Guided reading groups last component so teacher has time to assess

9.2. Literacy is taught across content areas and cross-curricular

9.3. Shared reading lessons should be kept short and focus on only 1-2 teaching points

9.4. Independent reading should be done daily at home and school