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Infinite Monkey Design by Mind Map: Infinite Monkey Design
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Infinite Monkey Design

Open Source

a remixer's manifesto 1. culture always builds on the past. 2. the past always tries to control the future. 3. our future is becoming less free. 4. to build free societies you must limit the control of the past.


Open Source is both an ideology, and a tool. As a tool it can develop new products that can be bought and sold. People must be interested in an open source project to develop it. As an ideology it stimulates community. Open, or Free, culture is one that promotes the foundations for involvement, revisioning and criticality. Language is source/code, without free access to language, we would handicapped for generating new ideas and communication. Imagine if we had to pay a royalty for ever word, or catch-phrase, or meme that we utilized.

Communal, increases cultural wealth of ideas, develops modes of collaboration

Generative, Linear, progress driven development, Lateral, adaptive mutation


RIP: A Remix Manifesto

OpenSource Cinema

Open Office



A top down model where an interest group dvelops the game to demonstrate to an audience their perspective or knowledge. Can be myopic.  

increasing user awareness of ideas and issues


Users create and explore ideas that get fed back to a reaserch group. Parameters set by a interest group. Results can be filtered qualitatively.

users generating new ideas and concepts

Mass Customization

Individual POV

reduced costs

better met needs, performative, experiential

Communal POV

increases % of architect involved design, new market for architects, increased performance and creativity in housing

potential for greater environmental sustainability



Centralized, Corporate body, fixed group of participants, Unpaid, Paid, Individual

Distributed, Volunteerism, relatively community driven, Hobbyists, relatively self interested, Crowd Sourcing


Centralized, Private Computer

Distributed, SETI

Software, rendering programs, open source, Blender - 3d modeling, Open Street Maps, linux, python, closed source, photomodeler, Embedded building information, BIM, Revit, Ecotect, Gliffy Floorplan software, Web 2.0, Wiki, Forums



communities can grow through open participation in decision making and options generating


reducing the energy, pollution and carbon output of built envirnoments, Durability, Operating, Embodied


Generating creative commons and sustaining traditions, Public vs Privitization, Productive vs Commodity



Research, Pro-Amateurs, Interactive Design Websites, Open Source softwares, Games, SuperStruct

Experimentation, Photo to 3D to BIM model

Document, Text, Statement of Intent, Summery of work, Body of work, GP2 Proposal, Diagrams, Mock-up of a design process experiment, Glossary, Bibliography


Thesis Project

Work Structure, Weekly Agenda, Committee, Defence, Book


Built Form

Envelope, Assembly, Componants, Embodied Energy, Matrials, Processing, Traveling, Fabrication, Analogue, Digital, Design, Open Source, Propriatary, Labor, Robotic, Cutting/Fabrication, Construction, Manual, Contracted, Volunteer, Performance, Protection from Weather/Climate, Relationship to Neighbors

Structure, Techtonic, Members, Connections, Stereotonic, Form Work, Composite material, Analysis

Design, Mass, Custom, Mass Custom


Resources, Local resources, Energy Source, Construction Materials, Fabrication, Foreign

Local Constraints, Bylaws/Codes, Neighbors, Climate/Weather Specificity, Access, Transportation, Connectivity


Typical Practice, Designer, Consultants: Engineers etc, Specialists, etc, Client, Contractors: Builders, Occupant

Alternative Practice, Community Driven, Own/Design/Build

Mark George

Aspects of my growing up that I believe have influenced my project.


Remixed Identity

Nintendo Generation

Video Games as social connector

Plug and play


Hip Hop

Remixing of music through turn table scratching. Appropriation of public space by graffitti.


Connected information about Operation Dessert Storm rapidly into the public eye. It circumvented governemt controled coverage, ala Vietnam.