The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Satire

1.1. British laissez faire

1.2. class structure

1.3. Marxist Social Power

2. All the names are anonymous

2.1. Who exactly is the Time Traveller?

3. Characters

3.1. The Time Traveller

3.1.1. adventurous

3.1.2. kind

3.1.3. on a journey hero? archetypal?

3.1.4. experiences a sort of future shock

3.2. Weena

3.2.1. stupid

3.2.2. kind

3.2.3. clingy

3.2.4. Feminist lens? only female character in entire book

4. symbols?

4.1. flower

4.1.1. Weena gives them to the Time Travller (white flowers especially)

4.2. sphinx