The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. human pride

1.1. we believe in evolution

1.1.1. progress rule the earth all power, all knowing

1.2. devolve

1.2.1. turn into "animals" Morlock and Eloi turn into legit animals

1.3. unbelievable story

1.3.1. not that he traveled in time but that we are subject to our own doom

2. social classes

2.1. rich upper class, does no work, controls the lower class

2.1.1. working class, does work, suffers in the future, power switches then nature takes it all away

3. satire

3.1. we are subject to our doom if the classes remain this way

3.1.1. it is becoming a part of life, it is normal it is inevitable?