Next Level Computers

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Next Level Computers by Mind Map: Next Level Computers

1. Homepage

1.1. Top (Repeated on all pages)

1.1.1. Company Logo on Banner

1.2. Left (Repeated on all pages)

1.2.1. Navigation Menu

1.3. Center

1.3.1. Content Area Welcome Message Brief Company History

1.4. Right (Repeated on all pages)

1.4.1. Contact Information Phone Number After hours emergency contact number E-mail

1.4.2. Location Information Address Link to get directions on Google Maps

1.4.3. Hours Store Hours

1.5. Bottom (Repeated on all pages)

1.5.1. Copyright Information

2. New Computers

2.1. Price Comparison to Big Box Stores

2.2. Benefits of Purchasing a Custom Built Computer

2.3. Examples of Sample Systems

2.3.1. General Web Use

2.3.2. Graphic Design

2.3.3. Gaming

2.3.4. Home Office

2.4. Notebooks and Netbooks

3. Computer Repairs and Service

3.1. Computer Repair Process

3.2. Terms and Conditions

3.3. Price List for Basic Services

3.4. Warranty Information

3.5. Housecalls

4. Business Services

4.1. Bulk Purchases

4.2. Network

4.3. Service Plans

4.4. Backup and Storage

4.5. Partners that offer Compliance Services

5. Software

5.1. Operating Systems

5.2. Productivity Software

5.3. Utility Software

5.4. Entertainment Software

6. Specials

6.1. Coupons laid out in a grid format

6.2. Download link for printable .rtf file of coupons

7. Useful Links and Tools

7.1. News

7.1.1. Hardware News Links

7.1.2. Software News Links

7.2. Tools

7.2.1. Benchmarking Sites Graphics CPU

7.2.2. Useful Free Software