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Government by Mind Map: Government

1. Ministries

1.1. Holds the executive power of the state.

1.2. There are 13 ministries in Manganesia.

1.3. 30 people in total work for the ministries.

1.4. Heads of the ministries are called ministers.

2. House of Representatives

2.1. There are 20 people of different ages, genders, races, education, etc.

2.2. Representatives are the supervisors and the advisors elected by the nation.

2.3. Representatives are volunteers.

2.4. Other legislatures respect the opinion and advice of the representatives.

2.5. They hold little political power.

2.6. If the president questions the trustworthiness of the parliament during voting, he/she may write a documented permission and let representatives participate in voting.

3. Parliament

3.1. There are 30 people in the parliament.

3.2. Deputies work in parliament.

3.3. Deputies write laws and make corrections to the Constitution.

3.4. In order for a law/correction to be sent for presidential approval, 55% of voters need to vote for it.

3.5. Deputies are mostly lawyers.

4. President

4.1. Main governor of the country.

4.2. Has a supervisor who also was in TOP-5 during presidential elections.

4.3. Is elected for 2 years, but can be replaced any time.

4.4. Is a female on the even elections and male on the uneven ones.

4.5. Receives a minimal salary of the state.

4.6. Needs to approve and sign all the laws and corrections before they start to work.