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dinig by Mind Map: dinig

1. something happens along my path and my odjetivo fails that's one of the things that I fear but in life there are q ariesgrase

2. especialiso me and the school more then segire in the Seine and then look for a job in a fine dining restaurant and then I want to have my company

3. I like the career I want to do the study kiero carreara and study at a university and create an elegant meal q expresses not see here in Colombia and most inportant especialisarme well in what I like

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4. boi to follow in the Seine and then a technologist and also follows the carreara

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5. q I like is something I practice at home I like I want to have mmi prooio negosio not want to become employed by that boi will do my maximum effort to get to do what I like ami

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