Build An Online Professional Learning Community

Rui Hu

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Build An Online Professional Learning Community by Mind Map: Build An Online Professional Learning Community

1. Plan Your Online PLC

1.1. Needs Assessment

1.1.1. Analysis of the participants Roles of the participants Teachers Students Administrators Knowledge and skills to certain technology Navigate the website Uploading and downloading Posting a Blog Editing HTML pages Image/video editing

1.1.2. Purposes of the PLC Make Time? Collaboration? Promoting? Sharing works?

1.1.3. Timeline of Implementation

1.2. Sketching your PLC site

1.2.1. Contents Collaborative planning and resource-sharing Curricular understanding and effective instructional strategies Collaborative editing and online meeting space Curriculum, instruction, resource-sharing, and networking video records, pictures, PDFs

1.2.2. Structure Collaborative editing and online meeting space Online community Microblogging platform File sharing

1.2.3. Tools

2. Build the PLC website

2.1. Set up your Wordpress Site Basics

2.1.1. Name

2.1.2. Theme

2.1.3. Layout Create pages and categories Set up menus

2.1.4. Description

2.1.5. Logo

2.2. Install and configure plugins based on Step 1

2.2.1. Access Control Registration plugin Membership Plugin Create member groups

2.2.2. Sharing work Image Gallery Video Gallery File uploading plugin File downloading plugin

2.2.3. Communication Realtime Chat Plugin Online forum plugin

2.2.4. Collaboration

3. Test the PLC

3.1. Survey Usability issues

3.1.1. Design of the layout

3.1.2. Easiness to navigate

3.1.3. Protection of users' privacy

3.1.4. Functionality

3.2. Focus group

4. Revise and Improve the PLC