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Vishwajeet Vatharkar by Mind Map: Vishwajeet Vatharkar

1. starting up venture

2. GRE Exam

3. get internships

4. Get girls

5. Personal websites

6. easypadhai website

7. Sneha Desktop App

8. Personality Development

8.1. Mass Communication

8.1.1. Workshops

8.1.2. Seminars

8.1.3. Lynda soft skills

8.2. Inter Personal Communication

8.2.1. Real world practice

8.3. Health and Fitness

8.3.1. Cycling

8.3.2. Gym

8.3.3. Swimming

8.4. Negotiations and Bargaining

8.4.1. Lynda negotiations

8.4.2. Real world negotiations

8.4.3. digant

8.5. Business skills

8.5.1. veetrag

8.5.2. digant

8.6. Interview Skills

8.6.1. Lynda Interview skills

8.6.2. Direct Interviews

8.7. Confidence

8.7.1. subcons. mind book

8.7.2. real world experiences

8.8. leadership skills

8.8.1. digant

8.8.2. veetrag

8.8.3. starting own group

8.9. Time management

8.9.1. Time management practice

8.9.2. Lynda time mgmt

8.9.3. time mgmt Books

8.9.4. planning

9. Development Skills

9.1. Core Programming

9.1.1. Object Oriented Programming Core Java Advanced Java C# Pluralsight C# VB.NET

9.1.2. Algorithms Coursera Algorithms Concrete mathematics book Pluralsight Algorithms

9.1.3. Code Efficiency Lynda Code Efficiency Git essentials lynda Sagar Sutar

9.1.4. Design Patterns Head First Design Patterns book Agile Design Patterns tuts+

9.1.5. Artificial Intelligence Coursera Neural Networks Coursera machine learning College course

9.1.6. Refactoring Refactoring Lynda

9.1.7. Testing STQA Lynda Easypadhai testing Test Driven Dev Lynda

9.1.8. Tools Collaboration Git sharepoint IDEs Netbeans Visual Studio

9.2. Infrastructure/Services

9.2.1. Web Website Development PHP Web Services Foundations of Web Services Lynda Google Maps Google Plus Facebook Web API API Design Pluralsight

9.2.2. Cloud Heroku Google Apps Google Drive Apps

9.2.3. Databases RDBMS MySQL SQL Server Query Tuning tuts+ query tuning Database Design Lynda DB funda, tutsplus rdbms BigData BigQuery tutsplus

9.2.4. Security Cryptography Cryptography Coursera

9.2.5. Networking Network Fundamentals networks distilled tuts+

9.3. Front End/ UI

9.3.1. Asthetics web design asthetics lynda personal website designs asthetics tuts+

9.3.2. User Experience Lynda UX

9.3.3. Content Strategy Lynda CS CS for personal websites tuts+ cs Lynda info arch.

9.3.4. User Interfaces Android UI xml Lynda and coaching SEED WPF- XAML Pluralsight WPF web UI HTML5 CSS3 Twitter Bootstrap Javascript and JQuery AJAX

10. Aptitude Skills

10.1. Mathematical thinking

10.1.1. Khanacademy

10.1.2. Coursera Mathematical Thinking

10.1.3. Coursera Mathematical philosophy

10.1.4. Godel Book

10.2. Analytical Skills

10.2.1. Debates with friends

10.2.2. GRE prep

10.3. Writting Skills

10.3.1. Writing Blogs

10.3.2. Writing emails

10.4. Vocabulary

10.4.1. Reading Books

10.4.2. Word Power made easy book

10.4.3. GRE prep

11. easypadhai and digant android app